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ARCHER’s verification process requires Claimants to provide Name, Date of Birth, and representing CAE Firm.
In the event there are multiple Claimants with the same name and date of birth represented by the same Firm, ARCHER will verify identity of the Claimant by requesting last four of social security number only.


Welcome to the 3M Combat Arms Earplugs Official Settlement Hub. This site will help guide you through the settlement process. 

Important Information for Attorneys Representing Plaintiffs

BrownGreer, MDL Centrality and 3M MDL Identification Order Implementation

ARCHER recognizes the current priority is complying with the Case Management Order 60 or “Identification Order” by the September 12th, 2023 deadline.  ARCHER will be providing additional information surrounding the registration process as we approach the registration open date.  Your clients will not be contacted without prior notice from ARCHER.

Important Information for Claimants

Claimants MUST keep their contact information, including an email address, current with the law firm representing them in their 3M CAE claim.

In the coming months, if you are an Eligible Claimant with a case on file and the necessary documentation, ARCHER will be contacting you directly with information about your claim, copying your attorney. For additional legal questions or information about the settlement, please contact your lawyer.

09/08/2023 | Case Management Conference No. 23

On September 8, 2023, the Court conducted Case Management Conference No. 23 to discuss the 3M Settlement Program.

Click here to access the recording of the Case Management Conference No. 23 on the Court’s website.

Click here to access the presentations under section 09/08/2023 | Case Management Conference No. 23.

What is a Settlement Administrator?

ARCHER Systems, LLC has been appointed by the Court as the Settlement Administrator for the 3M Combat Arms Earplug settlement. In this role, ARCHER is responsible for executing the claims review process, resolving healthcare liens, distributing settlement proceeds, and other administrative services per terms of the settlement.  

  • Compilation and Review of Data/Records
  • Application of Settlement Allocation Master Methodology
  • Registration Form and Release Administration
  • Lien Resolution Administration 
  • Bankruptcy Coordination
  • Probate Coordination
  • QSF Administration