Court Appointments Site Administrator September 12, 2023

Court Appointed Administrators and Special Masters

Registration and Lien Resolution Administrator

ARCHER shall serve as the Registration and Lien Resolution Administrator and shall act in accordance with the provisions of  the MSA and orders of the Court.

Common Benefit Fund Special Master, CPA, & QSF Co-Trustee

Randy Sansom, CPA
Co-Trustee/Co-Administrator of QSF. Review and work with the CBF Committee to approve common benefit Shared Costs for reimbursement, as well as to review and approve common benefit Attorney Time and Held Costs for potential reimbursement.

Settlement Data Administrator

BrownGreer, PLC
Electronic platform firm for Combat Arms Litigation to assist in the management of this litigation. BrownGreer has gathered claimant information since the inception of the litigation through MDL Centrality. To further the settlement goals, BrownGreer will gather additional information, organize the claimant data, and issue a report in accordance with CMO 60 (Identification Order). All data will originate from BrownGreer and will be transferred to ARCHER.

Settlement Special Master

John W. Perry, Jr., Esq.
The Settlement Special Master is appointed to decide potential disputes between the Parties concerning the MSA regarding the following topics:

  • Challenges to the Identification Order Report
  • Challenges to Calculations of Participation Levels
  • Satisfaction of Clean Docket Bonus
  • Calculation of Amounts due to the QSF by Reserve Fund
  • Disputes over validity of releases

Settlement Allocation and Extraordinary Injury (EIF) Settlement Master

Matthew Garretson, Esq.
The Settlement Allocation Master shall be responsible for designing an allocation methodology that will be applicable to all Eligible Claimants.  The Settlement Allocation Master shall review and approve ARCHER’s application of his allocation methodology and resulting Eligible Claimants’ settlement awards.